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The Jewellery Business that today knows no boundaries and limitations has its roots dated back to 1959. It was in 1959 when Sardaar Sukhraj Singh Ji started the supply of jewellery articles and ornaments. His loyalty and trust won the hearts of many, which led to the expansion of business manifolds. In 1994 his son Sardar Bikramjeet Singh Ji stepped into his father’s business and worked with full dedication and sincerity. He continued to win the hearts and also expanded the business of jewellery supply to North India. He added jewellery articles like rings, nose rings, nose pins bracelets, and earrings in Gold and Diamond.

Different designs that these gents and ladies ornaments have lured the hearts of many that made Jewellery Fashion earn a name and fame across North India. In 2018 Sardar Zorawar Singh Ji started sharing the responsibility of taking the ancestral business of jewellery supply to new heights and reaches. He has to his credit spreading the name of Jewellery Fashion throughout India for the quality it delivers and reliability it assures.

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